Human Biology is an interesting topic where you revise past biology terms and apply it in human systems. This class was particularly well-presented as the teachers always kept a positive attitude and gave great advice throughout the year. I am pleased to have the honor of Dr.Sebastian and Dr.Łukasz teach this subject.


Human Biology, I think it is the perfect course for students to begin with before learning anatomy and physiology. During each class, professor gives us a 5-questions quizzes which guide students toward the most important points in each chapters and I think it is extremely helpful for me since I sometime lost track of what is important when studying for massive amount of material. Another benefit of having quizzes in each class is that students will study on a regular basis, instead of piling up all the work right before the final exam. The lecture slides were well organized according to the material of the textbook that we use which makes it easier for us to preview and review for each class. Professors are very nice, they not only give great lectures but also interact with students by asking lecture-related questions and answering any questions that we have; overall, it is a friendly, yet an efficient learning environment. Aside to all these education-related factors, the landscape outside the department is wonderful, I love walking to the department from my dorm especially during the late summer and the early autumn time, it is calming and absolutely lovely!

Christiana & Georgia

Labs are a place for group discussion where, with the aid of powerpoints, skeletons, and other teaching aids, lecturers will guide you through the anatomy of the human body showing you how interconnected and related all the systems in our body are. There are dissecting rooms where you will have the opportunity to put your theory to practice, further reinforcing learning. Also, with the wide range of experienced lecturers, there will be discussions on clinical cases relevant to the topic being studied so that you can see how the theory is applied to a clinical setting. We thoroughly enjoyed the Human Anatomy classes and definitely found them to be enlightening. The anatomy lecturers have a vast beacon of knowledge which inspired us to strive to learn through their engaging manner. We feel that this course gave us a solid and sound foundation for the future where we will continue to build on it. Thank you! The best piece of advice we received was: “don’t hesitate to palpate!”