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We would like to invite You and present for Your kind consideration the website of the HAD with Laboratory of Medical Simualtion, Biostructure and Virtual Man and in the Centre of Medical Simulation.

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Information on posting materials for iMUL

Dear academic teachers / course coordinators, the following link contains instructions on how to send materials for the iMUL platform.

Sending materials for iMUL - guide

There is no need to set up accounts at iMUL by lecturers.

No online courses are provided for American students.

Doctors in training Step I Course

Doctors in training Step I course - 29.10.2015 6 p.m. Centre of Medical Simulation, Chodźki 19 (2nd floor) 20-093 Lublin. More details on the poster

Registration to the new iMUL

Welcome to the new iMUL!

Previous version of iMUL platform is going to be switched of soon (25th October). Now it is still working at http://old.imul.pl (or http://oldpl.imul.pl - Polish language).

In order to be still up-to-date with all important information please register here. You will be able to get news from old iMUL on your email only till 25th October but nothing but the news will be updated there.


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