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We would like to invite You and present for Your kind consideration the website of the HAD with Laboratory of Medical Simualtion, Biostructure and Virtual Man and in the Centre of Medical Simulation.

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Information on posting materials for iMUL

Dear academic teachers / course coordinators, the following link contains instructions on how to send materials for the iMUL platform.

Sending materials for iMUL - guide

There is no need to set up accounts at iMUL by lecturers.

No online courses are provided for American students.

Elderly Medicine Course Update Urgent !!!

Dear Students of Elderly Medicine Course,
We would like to inform You that Today's Labs have been canceled, but the Seminar will be held at 12:15pm and 2:30pm on Monday 15/05/2017according to the schedule . New date of Labs well be given soon. We really sorry for inconvenience.

DDS Human Anatomy Semester Test

Dear Students of Dentistry Regular Program,

We would like to inform you that the semester test will take place on Thursday, 8.06.2017(during class time).

Introduction to Medical Profession

Dear Students,

Final wrtitten test of IMP will take place on Thursday 22.06.2017 at 12pm Aula Anatomicum and Practical Part 1.30pm in Center of Medical Simulation

Basic Clinical Skills American Bis and Asian Bis Program

Dear Students,
We would like to remind You that BCS Final Exam will take place on Monday 08.05.2017 at 3pm in Center of Medical Simulation

Human Anatomy Information

Dear Students,

We would like to inform You that Review of Abdomen and Pelvis will take place on Saturday 06.05.2017 at 4pm in Aula Anatomicum


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