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We would like to invite You and present for Your kind consideration the website of the HAD with Laboratory of Medical Simualtion, Biostructure and Virtual Man and in the Centre of Medical Simulation.

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Code of honor

Every Student of Medical University of Lublin should remember that only a good person can be a good medical. That's why it is crucial to follow some simple principles that are contained in the Code of Honor of our University that You can download on the right side. Please refer to its content and be honest and reliable man as a student and future medical.

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Human Anatomy lecture will be held on monday 30.05.2016 at 07:30. Subject: NEUROANATOMY II.

On Monday/Tuesday there will be one quiz consisting of 2 questions form lab: Neuroanatomy II and 3 questions form lab: Neuroanatomy III.

Human anatomy Information

According to the Rector's Hours Thursday's/Friday's anatomy labs(MD Program and DDS Program) have been canceled. On the monday's quiz there might expect questions form thursday's /Friday's topic.


Reference materias for Human Anatomy Lab 53 (Nauroanatomy I) are avaiable in Human Anatomy - Teaching Aids.


Human Anatomy Partial Test NECK will be held on Monday 23.05.2016 7:20am

For all students who missed quizzes with an approved medical excuse note of
Human Anatomy will be made up on Monday 23.05.2016 after Partial Test in room 5.

How to fill out the answer sheet during the test examination avaiable here

Behavioral Sciences

Tomorrow's classes 19.05.2016 for Behavioral Sciences will take place in Center of Medical Simulation at the same time.


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