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We would like to invite You and present for Your kind consideration the website of the HAD with Laboratory of Medical Simualtion, Biostructure and Virtual Man and in the Centre of Medical Simulation.

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Code of honor

Every Student of Medical University of Lublin should remember that only a good person can be a good medical. That's why it is crucial to follow some simple principles that are contained in the Code of Honor of our University that You can download on the right side. Please refer to its content and be honest and reliable man as a student and future medical.

Thank You!

Human Anatomy schedule changes

On 5th January there will be classes for all groups from Monday and Tuesday (see picture below). Please come due the schedule from Thursday.

iMUL code

Dear Students of English Division,

Thank you for registering at iMUL.pl. We have over 320 users at the moment. We hope that soon every Student of ED will be registered here. Please remember that from 1st December iMUL code will be the only way of identifying your test ang exam results published at iMUL.

Participatation in Pear Assessment and Feedback Project

Regarding to Rules and Regulations of Human Biology with Physiology Course, Students are OBLIGATED to actively participate in Pear Assessment and Feedback Project (PAFP) by completing a PAF questionnaire. Delivery of the questionnaires is expected within seven days following each partial test.

Students who will not deposit questionnaires within this time period will not be able to obtain positive evaluation of student’s achievements and pass the Course.

How to fill out the answer sheet - rules

Here you can download rules saying how to fill out an the answer sheet that is used during most tests and exams. Please read this with attention because wrong way of filling the answer sheet makes you fail the test.

Tests/Exams results at new iMUL

All results of tests and exams are published only on the new version of iMUL (this one). Only registered users are able to access them.

Because new users are still registering we decided to publish results by student ID (as usual). But from 1st December results of only registered students (having iMUL number) will be published. iMUL number will be the only way of identifying restuts online.

We are sorry for all inconveniences caused by these changes. We do it in order to better respect your privacy.


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